New Modern Apartments – Habitat Valle Romano in Estepona

Asking price from 260.500 to 507.000 €
1,2,3,4 chambres
REF AM 10259
Surface 73 - 100 m²
Terrace 12 - 32 m²
1,2,3,4 chambres
2 salles de bains

LOCATION: Estepona, Malaga, Espagne

STATUT : En cours de développement

Valle Romano

Habitat Valle Romano is an exclusive private estate of 115 large houses and penthouse flats with 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, a garage, a storage room, large terraces, and private gardens on the ground floor, in an unsurpassable natural environment with spectacular views of the sea and the mountains.

What does our name mean?

The Habitat Valle Romano complex embodies the elegance, modernity and functionality of a contemporary design that is within your reach.

Head and heart of Valle Romano

With 19 years of experience and a portfolio of over 253 projects, Alberro Architects operates from its Fuengirola-based studio, while also maintaining a presence in Cadiz and Brazil. This showcases the breadth and versatility of their expertise in the field of architecture.

An ideal location…

Habitat Valle Romano rises up from a gentle hillside on the Bay of Estepona. A natural environment surrounded by a golf course and just a few minutes away from the beach, the centre of Estepona, and all types of services.

…where you are the focal point

The homes have been studied in detail for maximum enjoyment. An “open spaces” concept where functionality and their fantastic southern-facing position make natural light the outstanding main feature.

The development is superbly connected via the Mediterranean Motorway, talking you to Marbella in 25 minutes and Malaga Airport in just 50 minutes.

It enjoys a privileged location tucked between the sea and the Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Reserve, meaning you can enjoy two natural landscapes at just a few kilometres distance.

What’s more, it has a 20 km coastline stretching between Puerto Banús and Sotogrande, the two main sports ports in the area.

Habitat Valle Romano

he development, which will soon become your favourite space, consists of 115 homes, offering a range of options with 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms and 2 complete bathrooms.

Spread across two floors, each home is equipped with parking facilities and a private garden that can be accessed from the living room and open-plan kitchen.

Enjoy every corner of your home

your home, our best project

At Habitat Valle Romano you can breathe in the atmosphere of living in on a private estate close to Estepona, one of the largest urban centres on the Costa del Sol.

Spaces for living

A complete resort whose common areas include large green spaces, a remote and co-working area, two swimming pools, a social club, running tracks, a gym, a chill-out area, a children’s playground and a pétanque court in a peaceful setting surrounded by nature that takes us far away from crowded urban environments and offers a healthy lifestyle.

Your personal space

If the estate is beautiful on the outside, imagine what it’s like on the inside!

Meticulous attention has been paid to every detail of each home, making optimal use of the space to create large rooms with the finest quality finishings. They all have large windows opening onto spacious terraces to delight you with the best views and bathe the home in natural light.

Do you want to help us create environmentally friendly homes?

In our commitment to the environment, we have set ourselves goals: to be more sustainable, more comfortable, more convenient, safer and better for the environment and our communities.

For this reason, we prioritise bioclimatic design and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the development of our homes. We promote responsible consumption and savings and favour accessibility and appropriate distribution to achieve the well-being of our customers.


Pioneers in commitment

1st developer with AENOR Sustainable Building certificate.

Leaders in sustainability

1st developer in the world Sustainalytics International Ranking.

Minimising our carbon footprint

Favouring the circular economy throughout the life of the building.

Building specifications

Foundations and structure

The foundations and basement walls will be built in accordance with current regulations and following the recommendations of the Geotechnical Study.

The structure will be executed in reinforced concrete.

The correct execution of all the elements will be validated by a recognised and prestigious Technical ̈Control Body. Strict quality control will be carried out by a recognised and independent laboratory throughout the execution of the building work.


The exterior façade of the building has been designed to give the development an elegant and unique image. It will feature brick to be clad with cement mortar and will be combined with joinery that allows natural light to enter the interior of the dwellings. The façade will be thermally insulated on the interior surface. Again on the corresponding interior surface of each home, the façade siding will be completed with a technical partition of laminated plaster insulated on the inside.


The roof of the building will be waterproofed and insulated to provide adequate water tightness and thermal insulation, in compliance with Current Regulations. Non weight- bearing roofs will be finished with cement mortar and gravel. On weight-bearing roofs and terraces, the gravel will be replaced by a pavement suitable for outdoor use.

Partitions and insulation

Partitions between the homes will be based on brickwork, on both sides, with laminated plasterboard with thermal insulation on the interior for greater acoustic and thermal comfort. The interior distribution of the houses will be achieved with a system of laminated plasterboard partitions with interior insulation.

Partitions between homes and communal areas will be made of plaster-covered brick facing the common areas and, inside each home, tiles with laminated plaster plate insulated on the inside.

External joinery

The exterior joinery of the house has been planned in grey PVC. This material reduces the transmission of cold and heat between the outside and inside of the house.

Roll-up aluminium louver blinds will be installed on the bedroom windows. The blinds have interior insulation and are the same colour as the rest of the joinery. Climalit type glazing or similar with an intermediate air chamber will be used for the windows which, apart from further assisting the thermal insulation conditions, will also add to the acoustic insulation, making the inside of the house more comfortable.

Internal joinery

The entrance door to the house will be reinforced, lined with coloured panels, and have a security lock, a chrome exterior knob and a peephole. Interior doors will be lacquered white with aluminium handles.

Monoblock type modular built-in wardrobes with either folding or sliding doors following the Designer’s brief. The cupboards have an interior lining and are equipped with shelving and rails.


The houses will have false ceilings in the entranceway, the corridors, the kitchen and bathrooms, and the area where the installations pass through. A grid or retractable false ceiling will be installed to gain access to facilities that require it. In the rest of the residence, the ceiling will be finished in plaster to increase the free height.


A laminate floor will be installed in the living room, the open kitchen, the bedrooms and the corridors. The skirting board will be MDF lacquered in white to match the joinery.

Bathrooms in the houses will have stoneware tile floors. Terraces will have ceramic tiles suitable for outdoor use. In addition, anti-impact sound insulation will be used on all the floor space to reduce the transmission of noise to lower apartments.

Coverings and paint

The bathroom walls will be covered with stoneware tiles combined with water-based paint. The finish on the kitchen walls will be white, flat water-based paint. Walls and ceilings in the rest of the home will also be white, flat water-based paint.


The kitchen is furnished with high and low units. The worktop will be made of compact quartz material that offers greater durability and resistance to use. The wall between the worktop and the wall units will be finished with grey ceramic tiles. Kitchen equipment will include a stainless steel sink with a chrome single lever tap, an extractor hood, and appliances including an induction cooker and an electric oven.

Sanitary ware and taps

The bathrooms will be fitted with modern design sanitary ware finished in white enamel. The basins are fitted with chrome drainage. The main bathroom will have shower tray. The second bathroom will have a bath. All the taps will be single lever and chromium-plated.

Hot water, plumbing and conditioning

Domestic hot water is produced with an air pump. The plumbing installation will be properly insulated to improve energy efficiency. Shut-off valves will be placed at the entrance to the home, in each bathroom and in the kitchen.

The houses are planned to be heated by means of a heat pump. This will be distributed in the homes by conduits located in the false ceiling. Air extraction grids will be installed in the living room and bedrooms. The interior machine unit is planned to be located in one of the bathrooms or the kitchen, and the exterior unit on the roof of the building. The machine units are included in the installations.

Electricity and telecommunications

The electricity installed will comply with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, providing the house with independent circuits for each of the lighting, power, air conditioning and household appliance circuits. TV and data sockets will be installed in the bedrooms, living room and kitchen. The electric switchboard will be built into the wall in the entranceway to each home. A junction box for the telecommunications installations will be located in the same place. Video intercom with camera to access the estate and an electronic intercom in each entrance.

Doors, halls and stairs

The paving in the entrance hall, hallways and stairs that provide access to the houses will be made of stoneware tiles. The decoration on the doors will follow the Designer’s brief and will be a combination of water-based paint and mirrored decor.

Light fittings are LED to reduce power consumption.


Lifts will be installed to provide access to each floor of the building, including the basement levels. The elevator doors will be finished in special paint for this type of feature. The lift interior will follow the Designer’s brief, with the same flooring as the entrance hall. Lifts will meet accessibility requirements for people with limited mobility.

Internal communal areas

Large landscaped spaces with native species, lighting features, benches and litter bins. Adult swimming pool with night lighting for exclusive use by the community. Children’s splash pool. Social club, gym, outdoor relaxation and co- working area, children’s play area for the little ones, pétanque, giant chess, running tracks and circuit with bio-healthy elements.


Access to the garage is via an automatic motorized and remote-controlled door. The door will be fitted with a safety device to prevent serious harm to pedestrians or damage to vehicles. The garage will have polished concrete flooring with appropriately marked spaces.

The fumes in the garage will be extracted by means of ventilation through ducts connected to a carbon monoxide detection system, which will activate when necessary. Fire detectors and alarms will be installed and connected to a central fire station.

To provide for future use of electric vehicles, a pre-installation is planned so that parking space owners can install electric vehicle charging systems when required. Space will be allocated in the meter room for the future connection of double terminal counter metres.

Certification of the promotion as “safe and healthy”.
. Validated by the company QUIRON SAFETY.
This company analyses 100 points to give a score. We are graded in different levels and we are valued
at the “exceptional” level.
. Examples of assessable points: accessibility to the development, healthy elements, communal areas with LED lighting, dwellings with correct ventilation.
areas with LED lighting, dwellings with proper ventilation. Once the work has been completed, we check again whether these confirmations have been met.
these confirmations are fulfilled.

Aerothermal energy is a renewable and sustainable energy system that consists of extracting energy from the air by compressing it and heating it.
air by compressing and heating it. It is a highly efficient system that can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.
consumption by up to 75%. This system is considered to be one of the most efficient for individual home consumption. The
aerothermal meets the energy demand for both air conditioning and domestic hot water.

It is a collaborative work methodology that is bringing about a real revolution in the construction sector.
construction sector. The aim of this philosophy is to compile complete project information digitally,
facilitating collaboration between the different parties involved in the project. It works in 3 dimensions.
It consists of: Anticipating all the problems that may arise on site. Trying to avoid mistakes, pretending to take a
prior decision. We are working on reducing the carbon footprint of projects. It allows architects, clients, builders
architects, clients, builders, engineers and other relevant actors in a single intelligent and shared process.
shared process.

Certification of the project as “safe and healthy”. The company QUIRON SAFETY validates the project by analysing 100
reference points, which in the end give a grade. Valle Romano was awarded the following grades at various levels
“exceptional”. To achieve such a result, we look at, for example: the accessibility of the project, the elements relating to health, the equipped communal areas, etc.
common areas equipped with LED lights, and correct ventilation in the flats. When
construction is completed, we check again that the criteria have been met.

Renewable and efficient energy: it emits no CO2 and reduces energy consumption. It is a process
that uses energy from the air. It contributes to sustainable development by reducing energy consumption by up to 75%.
This system is considered to be one of the most efficient for individual consumption. Aerothermal energy produces
heat and cold, both for hot water and air conditioning.


  • A/C
  • Sols en céramique
  • Double vitrage
  • Salles de bains aménagées
  • Cuisine équipée
  • Armoires encastrées

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